Xiaomi Bluetooth Receiver For Music Lovers

Plenty of companies manufacturing mobiles without 3.5 mm headphone jack connector. The highest amount of the users showing aggressive impacts towards manufactures. In the past, most of the users hang on their wired headphones that create a negative impact on their lifestyle. After launching of mi 6 without headphone jack plenty of mi users were a loss. After that, they didn’t offer any new headphone offers which become very painful for users. After several months mi comes with a new invention which well known as xiaomi bluetooth receiver which offers to connect without a headphone jack. It is compatible with Bluetooth and 4.2 android versions. We have come to certain specifications which discuss in forthcoming paragraphs.

What is the difference?

It has a lot of features and weighs of the mini receiver is only 11 grams which come with clip and battery that can last till six hours. You have to charge with micro-USB data cable and supports to 4.3 Bluetooth version. Xiaomi depicts an interview it doesn’t compatible with apple’s MiFi feature therefore, you will not able to use certain features like volume buttons. It looks like an expensive model but it is one of the cheaper models at $15. In the starting, it’s available only on China but now worldwide with different prices.

Compatible with latest models

Well, portable speakers are not completely the new concept but Xiaomi offers you xiaomi bluetooth receiver with latest multiple features.  It is available for MI6 and MI Mix2 without a headphone jack, you can fit in your pockets. Another important aspect is you are still listening to music without a bunch of wires. You don’t want to download special applications in the mobile Bluetooth is enough on your Smartphone. You have to attach clipped on your t-shirts or you can keep in the pocket of your jeans if the device allows you.