Advantages And Disadvantages Of Water Thawing Meat

Just like air thawing has its advantages and disadvantages, the water thawing method too has its own set of merits and demerits. We have put together the basic pros and cons of the water thawing method with the right meat processing equipment

Advantages Of Water Thawing

  • Water thawing is a much more practical and rapid way to defrost frozen meat. In cases where the quantity of the seafood or meat that require thawing is very large, water thawing is the most effective method. Water thawing the meat will probably end up taking half the time in comparison to air thawing.
  • Another reason why water thawing can prove to be extremely beneficial is that it takes up a limited amount of space on the premises. Unlike air thawing that consumes massive amounts of space, water thawing is a much more compact and less space consuming process.

Disadvantages Of Water Thawing

  • The yield, texture and flavour of the seafood can be lost considerably if the process is not properly and professionally controlled.
  • The amount of water that is consumed in this process is quite large. In places that suffer from droughts, water shortages and other water-related hassles, this method might prove to be extremely costly and financially exhausting.
  • The meat and varieties of seafood can get contaminated with bacteria and microbes that can prove to be lethal on consumption if the tanks used are not cleaned and sanitised on a regular basis.

Methods Of Thawing Meat

Most people use water thawing and air thawing as the two main methods of thawing meat. While both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, air thawing is typically used for individually frozen, small and limited products and quantities. Small quantities of meat can get completely waterlogged and lose their colour and flavour and texture.