The Features Of PutLockers

Since they are dozens of streaming websites available online, each one has to fight for the attention of the users; some offer user-friendly interfaces while others host an outstanding number of files and a couple go for free usage. Of course do take note that not every streaming website that you come across offers free online streaming as they say; many just host harmful files that can damage your device. These won’t be an issue with Putlockers movies and the website as a whole, so what should you expect?

Putlockers Movies

By accessing the website itself and giving it the initial glance, you’ll immediately notice the user-friendly interface. Everything is basically labelled and the homepage displays all the latest movies and TV episodes available; choose from the trending, box office, popular and top favorites. There are other categories featured to make it easier for users to find the titles that they like alongside dozens of genres. Can’t remember the title but you’re sure it wasn’t a western movie? Click on a country on the list, it will redirect you to the movies that they have from that specific country.

Each icon has a label on the upper right corner that states if it’s an HD copy or otherwise. By placing your cursor on top of an icon details regarding that movie will appear like its IMDB rating, the year it was released, runtime, quality of the copy, genres, country of origin and a brief summary. Before you dive right into finding and buffering the movie or episode of your choice, be sure to create a free account. That’s the only catch with Putlockers, you need an account to watch or download any file; the sign up process will take two minutes at most and you’re good to go.