Tips For An Effective Statement Shirt

Without a doubt, statement shirts have somehow become an effective, mainstream method to get your thoughts out, and be able to broadcast them to people. It’s a visual marker to show others what you believe in, or who you are as a person. It’s a convenient means of letting things out, and this is the reason why it’s an extremely popular method among teens and adults alike nowadays. Examples of these statement shirts include this one from The said statement shirt is a simple graphics tee, which can be interpreted in a number of ways. If you want to get an effective statement shirt, then below are some tips to keep in mind.

Keep it Simple, Font-Wise

Designers usually make use of a small number of fonts, and these are those that can be read easily from a distance. Oftentimes, these fonts are naturally bold and thick, and are not the thin and/or the ones that come with several accents, or those that have a lot that’s going on. This is because making use of such fonts would turn the attention away from the message to the actual font.

Incorporate Simple Graphics Creatively

The shirt mentioned above as an example, made by 0stees serves makes use of just a couple graphics. The golden rule there is to make use of pictures that are related to the theme at hand. There are a lot of ways for this to be done, but make sure to not put too many of these pictures. What matters is that you are able to incorporate the perfect balance between these graphics and the text that you use, where neither grab the attention away from the other. The internet shows a lot of ideas how to. After all, there really is no single correct way, though there are some things that should be avoided.